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Yeah, there is saying in Malay;

"A MOTHER surely can take care of 10 children ( no matter what) , but 10 children may not be able to take care of their own MOTHER ...Bonne weekend :)


very nice, thanks for coming by my blog!


The women in the pictures look very happy..Loneliness today is one of the urban 'diseases,' if I may use the word and caring for such people is a great gesture


Promis. Je ne manquerais pas de le visiter si je passe par là ;-)
Bon we


One of my dreams is to setup a charity home for the old folks. Sometimes when I see them wandering around the streets, it breaks my heart knowing that they don't have a place called 'home' to go back to.


awwww. it made me miss my lola...


Encore un sujet très intéressant qui met en exergue les difficultés des personnes âgées.


I was deeply moved by the friendliness of the caregivers.

It is indeed moving. Aside from some negative publicity the country gets, there is that ability of most citizens here to care for the elderly, for family, and others. As from Europe, the comparison of this could be rivaled to be outstanding pampering for age. I don't wish to be highly opinionated, but this factor of faithfulness to an oriented group also allows for abuse in terms of excluding people who are not their own. And it creates schism not just between two groups, but among millions.

Getting back in point, this country has drawbacks and achievements; and the ability to care shall carry out despite unfortunate circumstances. The elderly can see through that, and you have expressed them well through photography.

haggis basher

Strange to see you shooting in B&W but an excellent choice for this subject. Over the coming years this type of home is going to be needed more and more here as people ditch there traditional values and move to a more westernized society.


The women sure look happy.
If I'm not allowed to take photos there, you won't be finding me there :-)


incredible in this day and age to disregard our elders. I'm glad this place exists. thank you for sharing. mal


the black and white pictures make it even more poignant. good job, man.

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